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It’s Spring! Now, Where Is That Garden Hose?

The weather is getting nicer, the birds are chirping more and you see flowers and other signs of botanical life making their annual appearance.

It’s a natural urge to get outdoors and clean up around the house, raking old leaves and picking up winter clutter. You’ve been inside long enough!

You also want to speed things up with your grass, flowers and plants, so you go hunting for that stored garden hose. You can’t find it. You are sure you put it in the garage. But… there it is. It’s still hooked up to the faucet from last summer.

So you proceed to spend an hour or two happily giving everything a good soaking. The problem is… you may be giving the inside of your home or your basement a good soaking as well.

What happened? Why this inside flooding disaster when all you were doing was merrily watering your plants and emerging flora?

The problem may be leaving the hose connected to the faucet all winter. Water build-up inside the faucet can freeze and break the pipe, and the way faucets work is when you turn the knob, you release water under pressure into the area that is broken, and it naturally forces its way through the break in the pipe and spews water inside the wall, in the home and (if you have one) the basement.

Of course, if the winter temperatures in the area you live never dip to the freezing point, this doesn’t concern you… water away!

But if you do live in colder climates, be sure to check and see if you have a possible broken pipe behind your faucet. You can do this by having someone inside the home when you turn it on, or by letting pressure build up in the hose and listening carefully to rushing water inside the wall.

No matter what happens, though, your water damage pros are a quick phone call way ….Text 317-213-5702 or call 317-222-5333