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Battling the Invasion of Particulates

Most cleaning tasks are performed based on two criteria:

  1. Schedule (such as vacuuming once per week), and
  2. Visual (when you see soil build-up on surfaces).

When it comes to your air ducts, which handle air flow in your home from your furnace and air conditioning, there is no easy way to visually inspect for soil build-up. Professional air duct cleaners, however, do have specialized equipment for inspections, and can run cameras into your ductwork.

The best way to keep everything clean and healthy is to schedule a regular cleaning of your air ducts, to battle particulates that might build up in them. However, there are particulates that are of more concern and must be addressed immediately if discovered.

Preventing duct contamination

To ensure healthy air ducts, keeping dust and debris out (and mold) is vital.

Consulting with your HVAC company on which high-efficiency air filters is smart. Don’t buy cheap air filters. The more particulates an air filter traps at the furnace and air handling system, the less gets into the ductwork and into breathable air space.

Change your filters regularly. Set an electronic reminder on your phone or computer so you never forget. Some filters can become so clogged that particulates become airborne and contaminate breathing space.

Keep your home as clean as possible with regular vacuuming and sweeping. Obviously, if horizontal surfaces are clean, less dust and particulates are disturbed with normal household activity.

Give us a call to request a sticker that you can place on your furnace, so it can serve you as a reference when was the last time you change your filter.