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Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

The job of the vacuum cleaner, whether in a home or office, is to pick up dirt, debris, particulate
soil, hair, dander, virtually anything that lands on the carpet and must be removed. In the
process, your vacuum cleaner eventually ends up needing a little cleaning attention itself.
When you empty the vacuum collection chamber or replace the vacuum bag, all of that dust,
dirt, debris, and hair went into the port that contains the beater bar, and then through a hose,
and most likely also through a filter or two.
Keep your vacuum cleaner in great working condition with these simple maintenance tips. Keep
it safe and anytime you are working on your vacuum, make sure it is unplugged.
The bag or bin
Some vacuums have a chamber or bin that collects the dirt. If you have that type of vacuum,
remove it and empty it frequently, even after each use. Wipe it out if you can and if the type
warrants it, rinse it out with water and detergent. If you have a vacuum with a bag, keep an eye
on how much dirt it is accumulating. It’s best to replace it when about half full, never more than
2/3 full. If your vacuum bag gets too full, the efficiency of the machine is drastically reduced.
The beater bar
Turn the vacuum over and inspect the beater bar and vacuum inlet assembly. This is where
things might get a little gross as you have to physically pull and remove all the hair that has
rolled up on the beater bar. Wear gloves. Pull the hair off and keep turning the beater bar until
it is completely clean. Use scissors or a small, sharp knife if the hair is difficult to remove with
just your bare fingers.
The filter(s)
You may need to refer to your owner’s manual for this. Find the filters and inspect according to
manufacturer recommendations. Some filters need to be replaced; others can be cleaned. Air
must pass through the filters so keep them in good condition. High-efficiency particulate air
filters (HEPA) might need more attention than typical filters.
One great way to ensure vacuum cleaner efficiency is to have your favorite cleaning company
inspect it the next time they work in your home. Call them today. After all, it pays to call a pro!