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The Awesome Power of Flood Waters

DID YOU KNOW that just a little bit of water can become a huge headache?

This is true for water that might get into your basement, such as from a pipe break or a sump pump failure.

When this happens, you should quickly call your water damage pro because you know that it is really tough to clean it up yourself, plus you don’t want the added headache of dealing with mold.

But another type of water you should be aware of isn’t one that always comes into your home from a broken pipe or a failed sump pump.

It’s one that you can encounter while traveling, and you might not realize the danger.

That’s right. We are speaking of flood waters. When you see the stories on television, you know how dangerous they can be. We’ve all seen the clips and photos. But… did you know that it doesn’t take much water at all to put you and your family in danger?

Beware! It can happen to you…

The amount of water you can wade in safely at the beach doesn’t mean it is safe on the road. It only takes a tiny amount of water, maybe just an inch or two, to cause hydroplaning and loss of control of your vehicle.

And if you encounter six inches of flood waters, you can be in big trouble. You not only can hydroplane and lose control, but when you stop, your car can stall, leaving you stranded.

Add in another six inches of water and now your car can float away, with you inside of it!

You think big trucks are safe? Normally, they are, but it only takes two feet of surging flood waters to float away a big truck.

So play it safe. Stay in when there are reports of flooding. And when you must travel when there is heavy rain, stick to designated (and safe) driving routes.

While your water damage pro can handle anything that happens in your home, such as a flooded basement, he won’t be much help if you are in your car and you are floating away!