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Shower tile and grout cleaning

Many homeowners are not told by their builders, contractors, plumbers or tile installer how to maintain their shower tile and grout. Instead people go online and are bombarded by information from manufacturers and retailers of tile cleaning products that make soap scum disappear. Or better yet the magical grout sealer that will outlast the mold…

Truth be told the best method of maintaining your shower is by prevention of problems and issues caused by an excessive exposure to water. True cleaning products and sealers can be helpful but there is no doubt the most important factor is ventilation and proper drying time. If a shower or tub dries out completely and fairly quickly after usage then it will be very easy to maintain and can look good for a long time without professional intervention like regrouting, recaulking or grout cleaning services.

If there is poor ventilation a heat lamp, a strong ceiling fan or just a regular portable fan aimed at the shower after use can easily dry out a shower fairly quickly.